Friday, August 10, 2007

project status, version 0.0.2 is available

The plug-in to improve debugging of Java Jni Application is available in a new version : 0.0.2
Improvements since the last version :

  • Code to follow call of java methods from native code completely rewritten. The plug-in does not rely anymore on the ending lines of native functions. Less code and more reliable !
  • Correction of some bugs and creation of message dialogs instead of using standard output stream.
  • Documentation on the eclipse wiki page and advertisement on eclipse mailing lists

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Andrew Niefer said...

You should also consider the opposite case: launch a C debugger and later attach the Java debugger.

Native programs (eclipse.exe as an example) can use the JNI Invocation API to start the VM and it is useful to debug the native code and then once the vm has been started, step into Main.

Mariot Chauvin said...

Thanks andrew.
I thought this case was less interesting. I open a bug and will begin to work on it asap.

Andrew Niefer said...

I'm being selfish, I work on the eclipse launcher so I look for my own use case first :) I doubt there are many developers writing java launchers, I expect there are many more who start with the java debugger.

Anonymous said...

The update site doesn't work

Mariot Chauvin said...

updated should work now.
Thanks for the remark.