Saturday, September 1, 2007

End of gsoc : the show must go on !

Today is the end of google summer of code 2007 edition.
First I would like to thank Philippe and mentors from Eclipse, the others students (check their projects, they achieved great results !), and google of course.
Thanks also to people who followed and commented this irregular diary of my work :).
I would, too, to provide some feedback. From a student point of view, it was a awesome experience ! I learned a lot, both technical skills and communication skills. Eclipse is divided in a large number of projects, and thus a continuing source of knowledge, for people people "curious" like me.
About what gsoc brings to eclipse, I think it helps to integrate students into the eclipse community, and that a point where in my opinion some progress can be made. For instance I remarked that for the next eclipse summit there is no "registration fees" or invitation for students.

I know there is some reflection, and I think that is the good way.

If you are interested to hear another gsoc feedback, I recommend to you the podcast of Philippe answering questions from Leslie Hawtorne of google.

Regarding my plug-in I will provide soon new screencasts with some comments, and detail what are the next plans.